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Car lifts

Weight: Medium 500kg – 7000 kg
Number of stops:  
Ladder Type:  
Control system:  
Size: In fact 
Cabin: Wide
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Car elevator is one of the large cargo elevators, this is a specialized ladder used to transport cars and is designed with the size and load suitable for 4-seater, 7-seater or car groups. trucks, used for apartments, parking lots, car showrooms, manufacturing plants that need to transport forklifts... Car lifts are usually designed with 2 doors facing each other to avoid in case of emergency. the car needs to turn around, making 2 doors is also more convenient for not having to back up, but when going in 1 way can go out 1 way, very convenient and avoid scratching the car. The characteristics of car elevators usually have a very large load and size, averaging from about 500 - 7000 kg.

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