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Home elevator

Weight: 350 kg - 450 kg
Speed: 20 - 60m/minute
Number of stops: 2~5 Stops
Ladder Type: No engine room
Engine: No fuji gearbox
Control system: Import
Size: In fact 
Cabin: Domestic production
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Fuji Elevator is a famous Japanese elevator brand that is popular all over the world. Fuji home elevator has also become an especially essential means of daily life of Vietnamese consumers. Diverse models, durable quality and countless outstanding highlights have helped Fuji elevator company to have a strong foothold in all markets.

General features of HOMELIFT elevator:

+   Suitable for constructions: Houses, townhouses, new-built houses, renovated houses...

+  Installation location: Corner of the house, in the middle of the house, interspersed with stairs, outdoors.

+  Glass system: 10mm thick white tempered glass or according to customer requirements.

+ Load capacity: 350 kg - 450 kg.

+ Speed: 20 - 60m/min.

+  Brand: FUJISTAR (Fuji Japan, Fuji Korea, Thailand).

+  Number of stops: 2~5 Stops


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