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  • Home elevator
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HYUNDAI - HOME SERIES passenger elevator is a Korean branded elevator line designed specifically for villas and families, applying the world's leading technology in the field of personal elevators.

Outstanding advantages of passenger elevator HYUNDAI - HOME SERIES:

  1. Modern design, suitable for all small spaces, increasing the usable area (smallest pit: 1400x1250mm) and can be designed according to the actual pit size of each different project as not the same style , not the same specification.
  2. Suitable for villas because it solves the problem of low pit and limited OH (Pit: 500mm, OH: 3000mm). The type of elevator without machine room, no need to design a separate machine room to maximize the height of the top floor of the building
  3. Saving operating power (using 3-phase or 1-phase power supply). Very economical power consumption
  4. European standard quality control system.
  5. Automatic lighting system saves energy.
  6. The elevator door is controlled to open and close automatically.
  7. Cabin decoration materials are diverse: modern, classic... suitable for all architectural styles of villas, townhouses,...
  8. Modern style LCD display screen


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