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  • Hospital elevator
  • Hospital elevator
  • Hospital elevator

Hospital elevator

Weight: 350kg - 2.000kg
Speed: 30-90m/p
Number of stops:  
Ladder Type:  
Control system:  
Size: In fact 
Cabin: Wide
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Hospital elevators are designed to meet the requirements of transporting patients or medical equipment in hospitals. The space of the elevator is suitable for all types of hospital beds. Specially designed and engineered to be gentle and quiet, to ensure absolute patient safety.

Features of hospital elevator:

  • Load capacity: from 350-2,000kg.
  • Speed from 30-90m/min.
  • Cabin: different from cargo elevator or apartment elevator, hospital elevator needs to have a large cabin area to accommodate enough stretchers to carry patients and accompanying nurses-nurses.
  • Speed: The elevator system in the hospital greatly serves the process of moving patients with the need to be gentle, slow, stable, and decelerate in order not to cause pain or aggravate injuries. Therefore, the elevator in the hospital must ensure a stable level, not shaking.
  • Light: Usually the patient is moved in a supine position. Therefore, the light in the cabin needs to be gentle, not dazzling, not too dark, not too dark to avoid feeling gloomy, making the patient's spirit more panic and uncomfortable.

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