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  • Observation elevator
  • Observation elevator
  • Observation elevator

Observation elevator

Weight: 450kg to 1500kg
Speed: to 150m/p (2,5m/s)
Number of stops:  
Ladder Type:  
Control system: Import
Size: In fact 
Cabin: Wide
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With a luxurious and safe design, the observation elevator is protected outside by a dedicated tempered glass system, which not only reflects the aesthetic but also returns a level of certainty to the user.

Features of observation elevator:

  • Load capacity from: 450kg to 1500kg
  • Great speed from : up to 150m/p (2.5m/s)
  • Number of service floors: up to 32 floors
  • Great server operating speed
  • High stability and safety
  • Suitable for many large and modern projects

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