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  • Passenger elevator
  • Passenger elevator
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TOSHIBA passenger elevators are available in the following models:

- Elcosmos: A type with a machine room with a load capacity of 8-24 people, speed from 60-150 m/min

- Elcomos III: Elevator with engine room, capacity from 8-26 people and speed of 60-180 m/p

- Spacel III: Elevator without machine room, capacity for 8-26 people, speed 60-120 m/min. It should be added that Toshiba's gearless tractor was born in cooperation with Kone Corporation, this is a tractor developed based on Kone Ecodics technology.

- Spacel-UNI: 8-24 people, speed 60-105 m/p

- Observation ladder

- Double cab elevator

- New Elbright high-speed elevator: A type of elevator designed for high-rise buildings with a response speed range from 120 to 240 m/p. The elevator has a machine room but uses a gearless tractor.


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