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- Customer Service HYUNDAI YZER (no engine room)

HYUNDAI YZER I passenger elevator, is the first machine roomless passenger elevator series in Korea to increase space efficiency in buildings and to allow greater flexibility in the design of trunk and construction layouts horizon line. YZER I elevator using Hyundai's advanced technology is widely used in buildings, offices, commercial buildings, shopping malls, hotels and luxury villas.

- Customer service HYUNDAI New Yzer (no engine room)

Hyundai New Yzer passenger elevator is a machine-roomless elevator with the smallest pit and the shallowest pit, imported 100% completely in Korea. New Yzer elevators are not only safe according to European standards, but are also designed with sophistication and elegance. Hyundai elevators are selected to be installed in luxurious spaces in commercial centers, office buildings, hotels and high-class restaurants.

- Customer service HYUNDAI – LUXEN (with engine room)

Passenger Elevator HYUNDAI – LUXEN is a line of high-class machine room elevators manufactured at the Korean Hyundai Factory, meeting European safety standards.


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