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Cargo lift - New highlight of Hyundai Elevator


A cargo lift (or cargo ladder) is a machine that safely lifts goods vertically. People are not allowed on the cargo ladder, only loading and unloading goods. There is one exception: staffed freight elevators (sometimes called cargo/person lifts). These types of lifts require special safety measures. There are many different types of cargo lifts (or cargo lifts) : general cargo lifts, cargo lifts, machine lifts, equipment lifts, car lifts and many others to cater for every need. use.

CAR Elevators and Goods Elevators

Hyundai car lifts and cargo lifts are designed using advanced engineering technology. Hyundai Elevator Co.,Ltd., a subsidiary of Hyundai Business Group, has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of car and cargo ladders, the reliability and durability of the ladders have been proven through the past years. Rigorous factory testing and decades of field technician experience.
Car lifts are designed to provide great convenience for car drivers by reducing the time it takes to find a parking space which is less and less in crowded urban life.
A wide range of freight elevator models are designed to handle light goods to heavy loads such as forklifts.
Both car lifts and freight elevators are designed with Hyundai's modern technology such as Variable Voltage (VWVF) and hydraulics that use hydraulic jacks to move the elevators.


  • Accurate infrastructure movement, smooth acceleration and deceleration, comfortable movement, low noise operation
  • Save up to 40% energy (Compared to conventional AC control system)
  • Up to 40% reduction in building power requirements (Compared to conventional AC control systems)
  • High reliability with enhanced operation in all respects (All functions are computer controlled and the frequency of failures is minimized)
  • The self-test system is integrated on the computer.

Source: Hyundai Elevator

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