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Install a home elevator - the solution to place the elevator next to the stairs 2


1. What are the characteristics of installing an elevator next to the stairs?
The method of  installing the elevator next to the stairs that DepaLift implements is a way to design the elevator on one side of the stairs, usually a wall separating the stairs to use as one side of the well. This way of installing a home elevator is usually applied when the stairs and elevator are located in the middle of the house.

This is an option used by many architects to design family houses because it creates a focus on indoor traffic but still retains the design of the stairs.

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of installing a home elevator next to the stairs?
Advantages of construction, operation, use

  • Convenient for commuting due to the focus on the traffic hub in the house by the common stair hall with the elevator lobby.
  • Suitable for all types of family houses, villas or tube houses. Especially the houses with many large depths from 15m or more.
  • Installing an elevator requires a well. Therefore, we can save construction costs if we can take advantage of the existing wall on one side of the stairs to make a well.
  • Keep the ventilation of the skylight at the stairs.

Technical advantage

  • Installing the elevator next to the stairs provides a flexible choice of elevator equipment. There are more elevator size solutions to match the architecture. For example, we only need a width of 1.1m, which is 1 foot larger than the width of the ladder to arrange an elevator, to be able to install a hand-opening door elevator.
  • Regarding the load of the elevator, depending on the needs of each family, choose an elevator with an appropriate load. If the number of people using the family weight is 3-4 people, you can choose an elevator with a load capacity of 250kg - 350kg. With a larger width, from 1.4m, we can install an elevator with a load of 450kg, the door opens automatically.
  • In the case of limited depth, it is possible to save space by using a metal-framed well with glass walls without having to build a concrete well with brick walls in the first place.

Aesthetic advantages

  • Maintain the design and aesthetics of the stairs. The "installation of a home elevator" in order to increase the luxury and class for houses, especially villas, therefore requires harmony with the inherent overall architecture. The installation needs to ensure not to break the space of the overall architecture of the house, in which the stairs are also an important highlight.
  • This installation makes the interior decoration of the elevator more diverse. If the villa has a modern style, you can choose stainless steel with fine stripes or mirror stainless steel, or glass. On the other hand, buildings with classical and neoclassical styles can choose wood grain cabin walls. Meanwhile, buildings that use a lot of glass and need to get light, can choose home elevators with glass walls. In addition, the ceiling, floor, handrails, buttons, etc. materials to ensure the harmony of the architecture as well as the aesthetic taste of each homeowner are also easier to realize through the choice of materials and colors. suitable color.

So, what are the disadvantages of installing a home elevator next to the stairs?

  • Every option  installing a home elevator  also has certain disadvantages. The way to install a home elevator next to the stairs is the same, although not much. This installation method is often beneficial for new builders, but for renovated houses, it will cause certain difficulties. For example, in terms of structure, at each floor, stairs is always surrounded by a concrete frame to bear the force, the elevator adjacent to the stairs may have to destroy a part of the concrete beam, this will make reduce the security of the house.
  • It takes more space to install than placing the elevator in the middle of the stairs. In this respect, if the tube house has a depth of 15m or more, it will not be a problem. We can imagine the size for this elevator and stairs assembly. Stairs usually have a width of 2m or more, the width of the elevator is from 1m1, the overall width is a little more than 3m. Assuming you install an elevator next to the stairs, if it is a tube house with many depths, then placing the elevator next to the stairs will make the main living area of the house such as the living room, bedroom or dining room narrow. again.

3. Some elevator installation works next to the stairs
Flexibility and optimization is what an elevator service provider is aiming for. In order to have family housing projects to install elevators that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and cost-effective, we always consult and closely coordinate with architects to come up with solutions. The ultimate design solution. Companies doing construction - architecture services when they are "consulted and provided with technical specifications of the elevator", the design will become easier and more accurate. Let's refer to the following family house design with elevator:

- Design and installation of the elevator next to the stairs with the villa house

Villa house plan 17x11m, installed elevator next to the stairs.

Due to the construction design from scratch, the concrete wells with brick walls are closed, so the installation of hydraulic technology elevators or traction cables is possible.

for easy implementation. However, because the cable elevator has a large top floor height requirement, so the design of the villa house in this case will not be suitable, choosing a hydraulic elevator will ensure aesthetics. for more works

- Design to install the elevator next to the stairs with the tube house

With a floor plan of 4x13.3m, the depth is not too great, but the layout of the elevator next to this staircase is functionally guaranteed to have a garage. On the other hand, the cluster of elevators and stairs in the middle of the house helps to separate rooms on floors, ensuring the privacy of parents and children.

- Different layout for tube house

In the case of a tube house, if the depth of the house is not large, only < 15m while the front of the house is small, we can arrange to place the elevator and stairs cluster at the end of the house. This plan creates a seamless living space on each floor without being divided like when placed in the middle of the house. Such a design of elevators and stairs is very suitable for a house used as a business office.

In this design, the use of 3 walls of the house to form the elevator well frame is both solid and space-saving. With the size of the elevator well that can be arranged from 1450-1690mm as in this case, the homeowner will be able to install an automatic door elevator, which will make traveling more convenient.

Summary of content:   For family houses, installing an elevator next to the stairs is a solution that brings many benefits to homeowners, but besides that, there are still certain disadvantages. The elevator used for this option is very diverse, based on your construction site, you should consult both the architect and the elevator supplier for the best solution for your home.

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