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Installing a home elevator - the solution to place the elevator next to the stairs 3


In the design of buildings for housing, the design language and use of the floors and rooms in the whole house are always on top. Elevators are being installed and used by many investors and contractors to promote the use of the entire house. In the design of home elevators, it is necessary to pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of elevator installation locations such as inside the stairs, next to the stairs, the corner of the house, the middle of the house or outdoors.

Elevator in the stairwell

Phương án lắp đặt thang máy trong lòng cầu thang bộ còn được gọi bằng lắp đặt ở giếng thang bộ hoặc giếng trời. Đây là thiết kế mang đến nhiều tiện ích và được sử dụng nhiều trong các gia đình Việt hiện nay.

Elevators can be installed inside the stairs in the following buildings:

  • New builders: The advantage of new builders is that they can choose the style and design of stairs and elevators in harmony with the design theme of the house.
  • Renovated house: the house in which there is a skylight enough to install an elevator.
  • Project house: the house is handed over by the investor with the raw part, the pit can be built or not.
  • Glass-walled elevators take advantage of skylight space to save space for the house


  • Save space by taking advantage of the space at the skylight.
  • Stairs have a gentler slope due to the larger total length than the conventional construction method. Stairs will have more steps, the height of the steps is also lower.
  • Cost savings on making handrails: homeowners will save quite a bit on the cost of making handrails because it is not necessary to install a handrail system.
  • Staircase space is closed, safe for homes with young children.


  • Because there is no skylight, the house's ability to get light is limited, and at the same time, the skylight penetrates from the bottom to the top, creating a sense of mystery in the stairwell and elevator areas.
  • Homeowners can overcome it by increasing the ability to get light in the windows, corridors, etc. Installing a glass elevator will help the space to be transparent and increase the ability to get light for the elevator.
  • Designing a home elevator in which the well uses a steel frame will help homeowners save a lot of space for other construction items.

Elevator next to the stairs

Installing an elevator next to the stairs is used quite commonly in tube houses and townhouses, especially for works that are narrow in width but have great depth.


  • The skylight part of the stairs will not be lost, increasing the ability to get light and ventilation for the whole house.
  • The items of stairs will be fully implemented, while promoting the aesthetic value of the stairs, achieving maximum usability. It is much more convenient to transport long objects by stairs.
  • Feeling comfortable when moving by stairs, on the high floor can communicate easily with people on the lower floor thanks to the skylight space.


  • Difficult to apply to many projects, especially renovation works.
  • The slope of the stairs is usually larger than the option of installing the elevator between the stairs.
  • Homeowners need to pay attention to install the stair handrail in a safe direction to ensure the safety of children due to the space at the skylight.
  • If calculating the total installation area, this option requires a lot more area than option 1.

The elevator is installed in the corner of the house

The current townhouses often have a small area, and at the same time need to take advantage of the space in front for business activities, office rental, car garage... Designing a home elevator in the corner of the house will be the solution. optimal solution for these houses.


  • Make the most of the space outside the facade to serve the necessary activities according to the actual needs of the family.
  • Suitable for many tube houses - a type of house that is quite common in Vietnam's urban areas today.
  • The path of the whole house is concentrated at the end of the house, creating a spacious and comfortable space not only on the first floor, the remaining floors will have a wider design.
  • Can be applied to mini-apartments, full-floor rental designers.


  • Not suitable for houses with large ground area.
  • When transporting furniture, it will not be convenient because you have to enter the elevator at a right angle.
  • Bringing a higher use value than aesthetic value because the elevator is installed in a hidden corner, not creating a highlight for a modern and luxurious living space.

The elevator is located in the middle of the house

Designing a family elevator in the middle of the house will maximize the use of the rooms on each floor. The travel distance from the elevator to the rooms will achieve the most optimal efficiency.

The location in the middle of the house requires the house to have enough space for installation, and the construction area must be large enough.


  • The beautiful home elevator in the middle of the house creates a highlight for the luxury and modernity of the house.
  • Maximize the use of rooms.
  • Create convenience during use both in moving and transporting furniture.
  • For houses with a large first floor, the appearance of an elevator will help reduce the empty space and increase the aesthetic value of the house.

Defect: Need a lot of space to install, only suitable for houses with a relatively large area.

Outdoor glass elevator

The design of outdoor glass-walled family elevators is the trend of modern houses with a large enough area and a beautiful view angle.

Can be applied to new constructions, renovation works with design suitable for outdoor elevator design.


  • High aesthetics: glass walls help increase aesthetic value, creating a modern feeling for the house.
  • Optimizing the installation area of the elevator: the steel frame of the glass elevator will help save considerable space for the house.
  • Faster installation time: installing outdoor glass elevators is completely assembled, so the construction time is fast, meeting the progress of the project.
  • Glass elevators usually do not need pit pits or pit pits of very low depth.
  • Moving space will become more airy, especially for a house with a beautiful view angle.
  • There is not much impact on the design and decoration of the house because the elevator is located outdoors.


  • Installation costs are quite high: tempered glass is quite expensive; Besides, in order to ensure the aesthetic factor, not to expose the load cable and equipment in the well, the cost will increase to apply new technology to achieve aesthetic value.
  • It is necessary to regularly clean and clean the glass walls because the elevator is located outdoors, under the constant impact of rain, sun, wind, and dust.
  • Not suitable for people who are afraid of heights: for children, the elderly, and people who are afraid of heights, the glass-walled elevator will create a feeling of dizziness, afraid to move.
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