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Modernization of Elevators - Causes and Purposes


Following the article on Replacing - Upgrading the design of the elevator, we would like to send you useful information about the Cause - The purpose of modernizing the elevator.

What is elevator modernization?

Elevator modernization is understood as the process of improving and enhancing elevator performance by "upgrading" old elevators into new ones equipped with the latest technology, modifying and adjusting existing parts. To accommodate the new system, obsolete parts of the old elevator will be replaced, while some existing parts that can be reused will be kept.

So, what is the purpose of Elevator Modernization?

⇒ Improve the performance of old elevators that have been in operation for 10-15 years or more.

⇒ Replacing part or the whole elevator system.

⇒Hyundai lifts are classified according to MOD packages 1-5, depending on the range of replacements.

⇒ Conforms to the requirements of the national inspection agency, to enhance the safety of old elevators (including raising floors).

Why is it necessary to Modernize Elevators?

When the elevator has been put into use for a long time, there will be some problems as follows:

- Reliability issues arising from old technology

- Parts are outdated and increasingly expensive and difficult to source for replacement parts

- Frequent system crashes and longer downtime because more repairs are needed

- Higher maintenance costs due to the old controller having many PCBs and components

- User is not satisfied due to inconvenience caused by frequent breakdown

So, what are the outstanding advantages of Elevator Modernization?

√ Provide solutions for obsolete spare parts

√ Significant cost savings

√ Shorter installation time than replacing the entire elevator

√Can greatly reduce inconvenience for tenants/residents

√ Enhance building value through increased elevator performance, reliability and satisfaction

√ Move more comfortably and with more precise floors

√ Improve overall elevator energy

√ Incorporating the latest safety requirements

Source: Hyundai Elevator

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